I’m Richard Sanchez, an internet marketer and audio engineer. I create and sell products that I believe in. Wanna do something cool together? Let’s talk!

Patrick Delaney, Graphic Designer for Fresh Meal Plan

Richard had a deep understanding of our concept and exhibited the values of our brand excellently. Richard was the source of ideas and made improvements to various workflows - improving user experience across the board. He had a perfect respect for our deadlines and expressed extensive flexibility in the work environment. I highly recommend the services of Richard. Thanks again!

Donald Sanchez, Recording Artist

Richard took the time to not only plan our development, but our release schedule as well - breaking down our time into actionable steps from launch to our deadline. Without him there would be no release! 

Michael Block, Bassist of LEVIOSA

He was able to show creativity during the challenges of this project. While many changes were made, Richard adapted consistently and rose above these obstacles. I’d recommend him for any creative project!


The Suicide Sample Pack

The Suicide Sample Pack was created for hip hop producers making dark trap music. Aimed to help finish songs quickly by providing professional grade sounds at the click of a button.

Selecting striking colors

Selecting a color palette that the target audience would be receptive to was the first step. While other sample packs have bright, toy-like colors, The Suicide Sample Pack has its own bold color scheme.

User friendly design

This sample pack is designed around ease of use. Unlike other unorganized packs, The Suicide Sample Pack is tightly packaged. So finding and using sounds is as easy as a drag and drop.

Visibility and digital presence

Having an online presence within our niche was crucial to draw in new customers and familiarize returning ones. Using Google Trends, I compared common search phrases related to my product and capitalized on words that were underutilized by competitors. This enabled prospects to find us more easily among the noise found on competitive platforms.

Staying connected

Automated messages were sent to users who opted into newsletters after downloading the sample pack. This gave me the opportunity to provide further value for existing customers and develop more trust over time.

Consistency is key

I manage the relationships I have with my customers using Hubspot. This notified me when to follow up with users who downloaded the sample pack - checking in with them about their projects and roadblocks - bringing more awareness to my brand when customers are in the market.


The Bansie EP

An extended playlist of songs created by the underground hip hop artist, SHVNCC (Shank). He came to me for help launching his first product, Bansie, a series of songs he wrote promoting his brand. 

Ready, aim, fire!

Our audience was targeted using specific interest groups. The user had to show interest in both super edits (a meme genre) and underground hip-hop to see our advertisement. This created an environment where these niche viewers were more likely to be interested in our content over other ads that target a loose community.

From the ground up

I built a simple campaign system and used it to bring in traffic at little cost. Using content marketing and engaging campaigns, we were able to get over a thousand new listeners in 30 days!

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